About me

I have been sewing and creating my own designs since I was a child. I have a passion for Historical Fashion and love all things Costume. I have worked as a Costume assistant on several projects and have now headed my own department to be Costume Designer for several Netflix Originals. 

I focus on finding good colourways and timeless silhouettes to ensure a high end finish to my designs. I have worked with big name brands to bring their clothes to the screen. I enjoy researching historical designs and re-creating and re-interpreting them for modern day audiences. 

My work

I have worked on several projects that required bespoke hand made garments. These sketches are from a project set in current times, whose characters dress up in period style clothing for an event. These are based on the turn of the century 'Gibson Girl' blouse and skirt silhouette.  

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My Youtube Channel

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